Formula Extreme
Formula One motor racing game for non-touch phones with 176×220 screens. Also works on larger screens but the app doesn’t fill the screen.

Type: ad-supported
Vendor: Gameleons
Data Connection Required: Yes
Minimum Java ME profile: MIDP 2.0
Screen Size: 176×220
Touchscreen support: No
Reported working on: LG 441g,Nokia Asha 302, Samsung Wave GT-S8500
Reported NOT working on:  Samsung Factor (runs but not playable as screen is too small)
Please let us know in a comment if it works or not on your phone.

The app “Formula Extreme” (190 KB) is ready to download or send to your phone as filename:”FormulaExtrm”.

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 7888

Download to your PC


  1. I can’t download

  2. It didnt download what must I do or what did I wrong.

    • Click “How to Download” in the top menu for instructions.

  3. Cool can i play it

    • Yes, as long as you have a compatible phone.

  4. too bad not android phones

  5. Can i download this in samsung young?

    • No, the Samsung Galaxy Young is an Android phone. Use the Android Play Store app on the phone to get games.

  6. Like this games

  7. Help me download

    • See the “How to Download” page. There’s a link to it in the site menu.

  8. Very entertaining,enjoyable.

    • Cherry mobile W7, can do to download, but why? it doesn’t appear on screen

    • The Cherry mobile W7 does not support the Java ME apps on this site.

  9. why i can’t open the link http://boostapps.com to enter the jump code?Pls.

    • What do you mean? You had to be on boostapps.com to post your comment.

  10. Please help me how to down load

  11. how to download on games

  12. how to download this game:-)

  13. wow exiting….

  14. it’s not working on the android phone

    • Of course it isn’t. Didn’t you read the post?

  15. gets me download a formula I can like this

  16. Not free

  17. boring

  18. Nice 1

  19. free down load ba ito

  20. am new here

  21. Nice

  22. Why is it not working on my phone??

  23. Wow fantastic

  24. Hѳw tѳ ɗѳwɳʆѳɑɗ it Բѳʀ Fʀɛɛ pʆร

  25. i cant download

  26. I can’t download it
    please help me

  27. How to download it for free?

    • Use free WiFi to download if your phone supports it.

  28. Why i cant download it for free?

  29. im only using freebasic.com of talkntext and i dont have load. the freeboost download website cant be accessed. is there any game that is free to download?

  30. How to download this one help me please

    • To download, click the download link above. If that doesn’t work see the Help Page at http://boostapps.com/help/ for possible reasons

  31. How I Can Download Directly In My Sd Card?

  32. How to download this one please help me

  33. How can i download a java app?

  34. how can i download a java app???

  35. I like the game

  36. i like this game

  37. I want this game.

    • Like this like that;)

  38. Save my phone

  39. Gimes

  40. why i can’t download this game my phone has no problem 🙁

    • Download failures usually happen because you either don’t have enough enough paid carrier data available to complete the download or your phone doesn’t support Java ME apps.

  41. Pleas install these game to my CLUODFONE

    • Only if your CloudFone supports Java ME apps.

  42. i dont think so

  43. Works on LG 441g

  44. why u can’t download apps

    • i dont think so

  45. click the download link

  46. how can i download if my sim is insuficient balance?

    • If your phone supports it use WiFi to download.

  47. can I download if my phone is touchscreen?

    • Yes, if your phone supports Java ME the game will probably work.

  48. i dont think so.

  49. how to download this game?

    • Click the download link above to download the game. If that doesn’t work see the Help page for the reasons why.

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