A modern remake of the classic Snake game.  Simple fun, three difficulty levels runs well even on basic phones.

Keys # = left soft key; * = right soft key; Call = OK (iDEN phones)

Type: Freeware
Vendor: Jay Cheng
Data Connection Required: No
Minimum Java ME profile: MIDP 2.0
Screen Size: all sizes
Boost CDMA Compatible: (tested on Motorola Rambler):  Yes.
Boost iDEN Compatible: (tested on i776): Yes
Supported iDEN phones: All Falcon series with Java (i776, i465, i290, i475, i856, i9, etc..)

The app “jSnake” (15 KB) is ready to download or send to your phone as filename:”jSnake1″.

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 5068

Download to your PC


  1. How to play to my keypad phone

    • Use the arrow keys to control the snake. if your doesn’t have arrow keys use 2=up, 6=right, 8=down, 4=left. Use * and # as the option keys.

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