Mobile Zelda Beta 2

Thanks to a tip from a Facebook fan of BoostApps I’ve found a new version of “Zelda Mobile“, Gorthwogh’s unofficial clone of the classic Nintendo game “The Legend of Zelda“. This version is only available from the Zelda Forum. It’s labeled “Beta2”. The one I posted earlier was “Demo3”.  There is also a Beta1, but this one is the latest.

According to a post by Gorthwogh on the forum, the changes in this release  are:

changes from beta1:

added “getting out of the castle sequence..”
added final showdown with ganon boss-battle
remade the menu added world map
3 save slots

Changes from demo3:

Chests added
more music added
more sound effects
two new dungeons
3 new bosses
3 new monster types
bosskeys (in the new dungeons)
2 new items, boomerang + showel

Things still missing:
The fishing minigame and the shooting range are dissabled
the last dungeon
triforces for the two new dungeon
the new bosses aren’t completely done (they miss some of their attacks)
cutscenes aren’t done yet
world map
spin attack

This is a huge app, 716 KB. The previous one I posted was 579 KB.  I had to delete a half a dozen other games and apps to get it to install on my i776.  If you get an error installing while it’s “Allocating Flash” or “Writing Flash” that just means that you need to free up more storage memory by deleting another app or ringtone.

Type: Freeware
Author: Gorthwogh – Product Page, Help, Forum
Data Connection Required: No
Supported iDEN phones: All Falcon Series (i776, i465, i9, i290, etc.)

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 909

Download to your PC


  1. Yes! The shovel is in the dungeon 7 is easy to get it. As soon as you get in the 7th dungeon go to the room at your left there you will find a weird two button mecanism, when you do this it will permit you to enter the next room in your left,there is a treasure chest in that room. Open this treasure chest and DA DA DAAaa you got the shovel

  2. I wld if i cld but i cnt without the shovel cuz i need the bosses key to get the eigth 1

  3. Ok just forget about that green suit and get all 8 piece of the triforce

  4. Wht do i do?

  5. thts wht i thought but i hav 7 n the things r still blockin the dugeon

  6. Geezus you dont know what is the triforce!? Ok, after you defeat a boss you enter to a nother room right? If yes you can see a triangle floating in the center of the room when you get that triangle a message appear saying DA DA DAaaa you know have a piece of the triforce!! Thats the triforce there are 8 pieces of it you have to get I think 7 for enter to the final boss dungeon i.e. Ganon

  7. What is the triforce n how do u get it?

  8. The last one is the one you defeat ganon. That dungeon if you one to enter boss room you have turn off 4 switches. These switches turn off 4 lasers that protects the boss room. The green suit I on the right low door I think but search it. If you dont konw which dungeon I am talking about is the one at the forest that is protected by some weird looking rhinos ps: you need to have the complete trifoce to pass to this dungeon

  9. Which dugeon is the last dugeon tht u find the green suit??? pleas help

  10. The green suit is at the last dungeon in a very weird place so heve patience go to the last dugeon and look for it. After you get this green suit the clown in the cave will give you a red suit that has mor armor than the blue suit

  11. i tried for several times to beat ganon. how should i do? and: yes, i saw the comment about using light. this meant the candle? every time when i come near to ganon with lighted candle he blinks a short while and try to strike me with sword or his “energetic ball”. did this over hundred times, but i can’t see any progress…

    pleas help me up!

  12. The green suit is in the last dungeon (the one where ganon is) its in a chest. And you use light to hurt him.

  13. I have the ZELDA BETA 4 version and I want to know where the green suite is so i can get the red one (i have the blue one on) i have the hero’s sword, all the basic gadgets, i have looked absolutely everywhere and I can’t find the green suite.
    Also the final boss guarding Zelda, ganon, i think, is giving me trouble. I can’t figure out how tn beat him. I got him so that he looked hurt but I couldn’t figure out what i did exactly. I can’t deflect anything. I’m so confused.

  14. Were do i find the green suit?

  15. Is there a complete walkthrough available? how do i get the hero sword? where do i find the green suit to give to the guy that asks “have u seen my green suit?”

  16. Where’s the cheat room

  17. Take the green suit to the guy in
    Cave around the desert who asks 4 it. He will give u red armour. I can’t find the arrows in gannons castle or kill the spider please help

  18. i really need a guide for final dungion and have not been able to find where i can upgrade ability to carry more bombs. i am a big zelda fan. i have the mobile version beta 4

  19. Yeah man. The shovel is to the left when you enter dungeon 8. Flip the switch so the swordsman is trapped inside the red blocks. When he walks over the switch, the spikes go down and you can cross. The shovel is in the next room past the spikes.

  20. game is cool. How do you beat ganon on beta 4 version? I have the green tunic, all items and the master sword. But nothing i do affects ganon in dungeon 9.

  21. I have the ” final” version aka zelda mobile beta 4. Does anyone know how and where to find the shovel in the 8th dungeon?

  22. i made a mistake when i wrote the last time. i cant figure out what bottons to push to get the bombs to work or the crossbow etc etc. on the new zelda game you put up. zelda2. can you please help me out dennis? thanks bro your the best!!!!!!

  23. what do buttons do you push to make the wepons change in zelda 2? i can set bombs or use the crossbow etc. help please

  24. Itz works gzreatz zbut in the original Zelda your sword would shoot when you had full hearts! Why can’t it shoot on this version when you have full hearts?
    ALSO NOTHING IS MORE FRUSTRATING THAN UNFINISHED LEVELS. You work so hard to get there just to find out it leads to “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” DOAH!!!!

  25. Sun couldnt make all the compilers n VMs, they design language n provide BNF along with some tools n maybe make a vm/compiler on a very expensive license. companys messed up by not creating a standard, sun didnt. and, yeah, itd of been simple to.

  26. How To: Use Any MP3 File As A Free Ringtone

  27. i see one more question do u know where i can get ringtones for my i465

  28. It’s not just GetJar and it’s not just the i465. For any given phone, a lot of games don’t work. Sun really screwed up mobile Java by allowing every manufacturer to create their own incompatible versions. There’s a lot of trial and error involved in finding games and apps for this site.

  29. it works but a lot of the game from getjar.com dnt work on the i465

  30. thx alot i will try it i will let u know if it works. thx

  31. If you only have the .JAR file, download JADMaker.zip.. Unzip the contents into a folder and then run JADMaker.exe by double-clicking it in Windows Explorer. Still in Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder with the .JAR file and drag it into JADMaker, which will to create the .JAD in the same directory as the .JAR.

  32. Hey dennis how do u get games of getjar.com because they only give u the jar file??

  33. Just one question why does the sound not work on my i465??

  34. is there anyway to get a super mario games on here that would be so awesome

  35. Mine say i have no new purchases too.. it sux

  36. can any1 tell me where i can find the shovel at in the 8th dungeon?

  37. If you get an error “Allocating Flash” or “Writing lash” it means you don’t have enough free space. Delete some other apps to free up more space.

  38. Can’t install on my phone because of the flash, any suggestions? I have the i29O. Thanks

  39. u cant puchase or use bombs why not i use a i465

  40. thanks man for trying

  41. I just would like to thank you for your time and your site. Thanks and happy holidays.

  42. wow, loved the cheat room on this got 16 hearts and all the final gear in less than a minute

  43. I tried the YouTube app on GetJar but it doesn’t work on iDEN phones. Even if it did it just opens m.youtube.com in the browser.

  44. Hey may I ask if you download and add this for me please>http://www.getjar.com/mobile/16671/youtube-web-for-motorola-i465-clutch/

  45. There are thousands of free games and apps out there and probably half of them work on iDEN phones. See http://boostapps.com/tutorials/how-to-load/ for information on how to find them and load them on your phone.

  46. where do you find these? Is there more apps out there that are free that I can find?

  47. for the guy with the iden loader problem give it a minute and it will show up and make sure your number is right, tomm when you check you’ll have the same app 20 times or however many you sent it

  48. the first zelda game posted on here is acutally a demo since its not complete which is why its labeled demo3 since the desert and mountain sections are not done. This new one posted is the newest beta test version which is buggy. It was posted on the forum to be tested by members which is why its not on the main site dl section. You can also tell its the test version since you can walk to the right up the stairs and get all items and hearts and go right to the 9th dungeon. It’s a fun game to play but for the size of it your better off waiting for the final release

  49. seems awesome so far

  50. For some reason the iden loader is not working for my phone.. i cannot send the apps 2 my phone and it always says i have no new purchases in my phone..

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