Ratso Golf

Ratso Golf

This is for Lisa who has been waiting forever for me to find a miniature golf game.  I tried a at least a half a dozen before I found one that wasn’t a demo and worked. It’s Ratso Golf.

From the vendor’s description:

Ratso is always up for a round of Golf and is thinking about going pro, but to be one of the best Ratso has to practice his golfing skills. Ratso and Wesley have been spent all week setting up the perfect golf course. When Ratso can master his carefully planned out golf track he is sure that he can make it as a pro golfer.

Help Ratso shoot the ball in the hole using fewest strokes possible. Look around the course using the 2, 6, 8 and 4 keys. Wesley the chicken is sitting on the hole. To launch the golf ball press ‘5’. Then you can change angle by pressing 4 or 6. Press 5 again to start the power meter.  When the power meter gets to where you want it press 5 to swing.

Use the pipes, elevators and fans wisely and you will end up on the leader board as a pro golfer.

Tip: The soft keys are incorectly mapped. Press the right soft key for the left soft key’s action and press the menu key for the right soft key’s action.

Type: Ad-Supported
Vendor: Kiloo/Hovr
Supported iDEN phones: All Falcon Series (i776, i465, i9, i290, etc.)

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for Java ME phones only.

To download and install click here: DOWNLOAD (jad)

Alternate downloads: jarzip