Sokoban is a classic computer puzzle game.  The object is to push the all blocks into any the of the marked spaces in the fewest moves possible.  This implementation has eight levels containing  650 different puzzles.

Type: Freeware

Vendor: Lotecsoftware- Product Page

Data Connection Required: No

Supported iDEN phones: Most (reported as not working on i856, confirmed as working on i776)

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for Java ME phones only.

To download and install click here: DOWNLOAD (jad)

Alternate downloads: jar zip

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  1. TommyBlaze says:

    on i290 installs fine..but has some gameplay glitches when switching levels. found ‘Microban’ and the ‘Sokoban Hard’ A or B that worked, til i got stuck on level 7, lol. Just remember-think alot n use the ‘Previous’ button. which, awesomely, is unlimited.

  2. allan1973 says:

    Thanks for the tip on finding out the problem Dennis. It fails at “Loading Classes” which sucks as I wanted to have this game 🙁

  3. Dennis says:

    You might be able to fix the error. Try this:

    Find Sokoban in the Java Apps menu. It will have a generic looking icon with an X or downward pointing arrow on it. Select the app and press “OK”. It will start installing again only this time it will list the steps of the install on the screen. Wait for it to fail and then take note of which which step it failed on:

    If the error occurs during the “Loading Classes” or “Validating classes” part of the install it means that the app is not compatible with your phone and will never work. I find that only about half of the generic Java apps that I try actually work on iDEN phones.

    If the error occurs during the “Allocating Flash” or “Writing Flash” install phase, it means you don’t have enough free space on the phone. Delete one or more other apps or games and restart the install on the phone. To delete an app, select it in the menu, press the “Menu” key and choose “Deinstall”.

  4. allan1973 says:

    I get a “VM Loading Error” when trying to get this game on my Boost i856

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