Soldier 1945

Soldier 1945

Military ground warfare game. Publisher’s description:

“Your role as a fighter for independence of the Republic of Indonesia which fought against the Dutch and Japanese invaders. There is no one choice that you expect anything other than free or die! This game begins with some level battles and exciting challenge supported by sound effects and feel of a war with the music soundtrack theme songs of national struggle, and then ends with a closing level with the flag waving red and white. Merdeka!

– The world game is different (Forest, camping, waterfalls, underground space, the headquarters colonizers, asphalt roads).

– Levels are designed so that you are not bored at home and play.

– A wide-range of weapons of war that can be used you and the enemy (pistol, rifles, bazookas, tanks).

– AI is smart to attack the enemy so they can continue to make you feel challenged.

– The effects of war sound in the game (sound explosions, gun sounds, etc.).

– Memorable theme music soundtrack songs national struggle (Forward No Trembling, Indonesia Raya).

– End of game that took the form of raising the red-white flag to the accompaniment of music Indonesia Raya.

– The components of a complete game (medical package, missiles, guns and bullets of a rifle bullet).

– Starting with the tutorial info how to use the buttons in the game.”

This game plays well on the CDMA Motorola Rambler but makes an iDEN Motorola i776 reboot when you try to start the game. It may work on other iDEN and CDMA phones.

Keys: 4, 6 = move left, right; 2  = move up, jump; 8 = move down, crouch; 5 = Shoot, OK in menus; # = pause; * = menu

Type: Ad Supported

Vendor:  Condetsoft

Data Connection Required: Yes

Screen Size:  All

Boost CDMA Compatible: (tested on Motorola Rambler): Yes

iDEN Compatible: (tested on i776): No – makes phone reboot

Supported iDEN phones:  Unknown

The app “Soldier 1945″ (366 KB) is ready to download or send to your phone as filename:”Soldier1945”.



Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for Java ME phones only.

To download and install click here: DOWNLOAD (jad)

Alternate downloads: jar zip

8 comments on this post.

  1. jaymark reporial says:

    this game playable in nokia 27002-c????

    • Dennis says:

      No idea as no one who has used it on that phone has left a comment saying if it works or not. If you try it please lets us know if it works.

  2. Michell says:

    This seems to be a cool game what of it ive got to play. It keeps giving me an unexpected error and shutting off

  3. KrazyKev says:

    Aww crap , not another gamejump . 🙁

  4. DannyPtownNJ says:

    I downloaded this game to my incognito and when it says loading ads it says unable to download adds and i have perfect sevice when i do dat so im thinking it does not work so i deleted it just wanted to let everyone know

    • Dennis says:

      I’m seeing the same thing. It worked a couple of days ago. It looks like the ad server is down. The game is from MobileRated and the MobileRated site seems to be down too.

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