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Thanks to a tip from Shadoe, we now have the latest version of Zelda Mobile, a clone of the Nintendo Legend of Zelda fantasy adventure role playing game set in an immense labyrinth. According to Gorthwogh It's "...the full beta version of the game..
Some features are still missing:
- 3 heart pieces
- Fishing minigame
- other smaller things..

Bug fixes..
The spider in Ganon's castle now requires 8 arrows.. instead of infinite..
A bug with red armor has been fixed

It's a bigger download than ever (863 KB) so you need a lot of room on your phone.  If you get an error installing it means you need to delete some other games or apps.

Type: Freeware
Author: Gorthwogh - Product Page, Help, Forum
Data Connection Required: No
Supported iDEN phones: All Falcon Series (MIDP-2) with Java  (i290, i335, i465, i776 i856, i9, etc.)
File Size: 863KB

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 2261

Download to your PC

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  1. I cant use my bow how do i use it?

  2. Are u from buena park or huntington beach california. Lil Troubles.

  3. Whats up amber

  4. I have a mirro boost and i press
    the tic tac toe sign to use the bombs. Arrows and ect.

  5. Love this game. thanks . Should put more games like this one

  6. um game downloaded great but i cant seem to pick up anything including sword which is pretty much vital i~m on the boost incognito any suggestions???

    • No one has reported whether it works on the Incognito, so maybe it doesn't.One thing to try locking is the keyboard into Alt mode and using the 5 key as the OK key. I believe a long press on the Fn key locks alt mode on the Incognito.

  7. I beat both bosses and the credits start rollin. The game fk up so what i do

  8. I hated getting stuck in the doorways or other little weird stuff usually in the dungeons...but overall it was awesome and i think this site is rad.

  9. To get the shovel u have to trap the knight with the switch its a little tricky but once he is there he will trigger the shitch and stop the spikes

  10. I can not get the shovel. i think im in the room where it is but cant figure out how to get through the door with the spike conveyer belt n front of it. please help

  11. 4 some reason i cant dig with my shovel. Can some explain y my shovel dont work

  12. Please help i dont know how to travel on water please write to me

  13. Can someone please tell me how to beat the boss thanks

  14. Why not finish the game before posting it for download? but then again its free so we got what we paid for.

  15. I think this game ends 2 quick. I only fought the dragon n the game was over, whats up with that?

  16. Why can I not fight or pick up items ?

  17. hey guys anytime you have troubles sending to phone,try accessing site with a browser other than oem

  18. HELP!!! Somebody please. I have boost mobile but when I put my number in to recieve Zelda 4 I just get an error and it says that I havent entered a correct boost mobile number. I played the Beta 3 demo n i cnt fins the rest

    • Enter the number as 10 digits starting with the area code (no spaces, dashes or dots and no leading "1").

  19. Did any1 find the shovel? Can sum1 lemme no how 2 getit please? Thanx!:)

  20. Thanx alot!

  21. if ur using the w385 to set bombs n arrows go to the menu u shuld c the bombs n arrows if n0t turn the pages until u do. then select whicheva one u want 2 use. after that u should c the bomb or arrow n the upper right hand screen next to B. U May Use Bombs N Arrows With Button 7.

  22. Please help! Cant use my bombs or arrows! How do i set up my buttons?! Im using w385. Thank u.

  23. i for some reason cant use my arrows when im on the raft or the boomerang any ideas y..ive reset my keys a million times. im using the w385

  24. Redownloaded n deleted useless apps, tons of free space still cant use bombs or arrows. Help please, thanx.

  25. Thanx amber ill try that!:)

  26. Great app, its nice 2 get a game thats not totaly worthless 4 free! Demos stink? Thanx! But can sum1 help me please? Im using a w385 moto,n idk what button or how 2 use my bombs n arrows.Thanx! ;)

  27. try erasin some of your games n apps Bc mine did that n thats what i had 2 do but the second time i downloaded it. it worked good

  28. I love this game but there are some bugs that can drive you nuts. for one every time you get hit you become invisible for second. the regular enemies are like 3/4 your size and are as dumb as a box of rocks. and there are some spots that have like a caution tape look to them. and if you have the i856 like i do save alot cause when your phone starts to get really warm it crashes but other than that the game is great.

  29. I`m sure u probably already figured it out, but I have the i856 & the same thing happened to me. When I down loaded it the 2nd time it worked fine.

  30. Got failed download digital content not supported when i tried to download it damn i was really looking foward to playn it on my i856

  31. i finished the game but it dont do nothing after that.it freezes up during the credits on my i856

  32. i LOVE this game it works fine just the control mapping is screwed up i wish some of these apps had correct control mapping

  33. its works great on my i465

  34. Its really slow on my i776.