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Jump Codes help people who find an app while browsing BoostApps on a PC find the same app on the mobile site. All games and apps on the BoostApps’ PC site have a Jump Code, which is displayed on the app’s page.

If you have a Jump Code from the BoostApps PC site, enter it  in the box above and click the “Jump” button to go straight to the download.

If you  only browse BoostApps on your phone Jump Codes are not useful or needed. Use the search box or the Categories below to find an app or game and download it directly.

Please read the help page linked below for more detailed instructions:
Jump Codes Help PC Users Find Apps For Their Phones

  1. Why I not download the apps?why?
    And what rules?

    • There’s nothing to download on this page.
      There are no rules, just common sense.

  2. What is the jump code of cricket fever?

    • Cricket Fever is not available on BoostApps

  3. what is the jump code of cybelord plzzzz??

    • If you mean Cyberlords, it’s 7874.

  4. how to download this app

    # plss

    • Clock “How to Download” in the top menu for instructions.

  5. I want games and wattpad

    • Use the search box to find them.

  6. I want games

  7. So thankful. Of this .. Site

  8. Where i can found my Jump Code?please say to me send it to 09284123318.

    • Faster I cannot wait.

    • If you read the post to understand what Jump Codes are you wouldn’t have to waut.

    • Jump Code for which app?

  9. Gve me jump c0de 0n my haier p4 to d0wnload 0ne browser.Plz tell.

    • The jump code is 8108. YPlease let us know if One Browser works on your Haier P4.

  10. Hello how can i download ur apps ?

  11. What is my jump code pls. Give me to me bevause i need to download pokemon go pls.

    • Read the post to understand what Jump Codes are and how to get them. Pokemon Go is only available in the Apple App store for iPhones and un the Google Play Store for Android phones. There’s no Java ME version so it’s not available here.

  12. I can’t see the download,please help me

    • There’s no download on this page. Visit one of the apps pages to download.

  13. What the pasword

    • What password? There are no passwords required for anything on BoostApps. Read the post above if there’s something you don’t understand.

  14. this site is very exciting and very easy to find your choices.

  15. I love free basics

  16. what is java platform micro edition/java me phones??

  17. How to download this app in android tv?

  18. PLz send me a jump code and how to download and also my cellphone iS nokia

    • Here’s a random Jump Code: 8162

      You need to read this post again because you clearly don’t understand how Jump Codes work.

      For downloading instructions click “How to Download” in the top menu.

  19. if i download the selected apps, should i need to install it or its directly installed after downlaoading?

    • When you download an app to a Java ME phone it gets installed automatically if it’s compatible.

  20. How to download a games

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  22. i suggest you put a searchbox for phone model so that we dont have to browse all games one by one

    • You can use the search box to find all posts that mention a specific phone.

      Also, ff your phone supports Java ME, most of the apps here should work whether they have been reported as working or not. If it doesn’t support Java ME, none of the apps here will work.

  23. Pls sent me .how can i kn0w my jump code

    • Please read the page above to learn what jump codes are, how to use them and why asking me to send you “your” jump code doesn’t make any sense.

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