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Jump Codes help people who find an app while browsing BoostApps on a PC find the same app on the mobile site. All games and apps on the BoostApps’ PC site have a Jump Code, which is displayed on the app’s page.

If you have a Jump Code from the BoostApps PC site, enter it  in the box above and click the “Jump” button to go straight to the download.

If you  only browse BoostApps on your phone Jump Codes are not useful or needed. Use the search box or the Categories below to find an app or game and download it directly.

Please read the help page linked below for more detailed instructions:

Jump Codes Help PC Users Find Apps For Their Phones

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  1. Tachiini says:

    When i send a pic to facebook it leads to a different link, like an online ablum, but i just want to send it to facebook. Then it askes for a handler! ??? I need help sending pics to facebook.

  2. Chuck says:

    What r handlers? Sorry 4 my ignorance. I, also, have a sanyo mirro, just bought it.

    • Dennis says:

      When the Netfront browser installed on Sanyo phones encounters content it can’t handle such as Flash it prompts you to install a “handler”. That’s just it’s way of saying “unsupported content”

      As far as I know, no handlers are available for these phones. If there were they would be low level system software that could only be installed as part of a firmware update.

      As for Flash, it’s much too resource intensive to ever work on a non-smartphone. Even the most powerful Android devices like the Evo and Nexus S struggle to display Flash animations smoothly.

  3. juan says:

    Where do I get the jumper code from

  4. krista says:

    its not lettin me do any of this i have the JUNO

  5. Tia says:

    do u know where to find handlers 4 a sanyo mirro? Please help me immediately. Thanks

    • Dennis says:

      There are no “handlers” The built in browser gives a message about a missing handler when it encounters content it can’t handle, usually a Flash video or game but no handlers exist.

      Flash was designed for PCs and very few phones can display Flash content at all. It takes a top of the line smartphone like the HTC Evo to play Flash and even the best phones stall trying to render complex Flash animations. The Incognito is nowhere near powerful enough to handle Flash

      If you are trying to watch videos stick with sites that offer mobile formatted ones. There’s a big list here. You could also try the Bolt Browser which uses a web server to convert Flash videos to something that the phone can play.