Boost Galaxy Prevail

Boost and Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy Prevail today.  It’s an entry level Android Phone running on the CDMA network.  Priced at $179.99, the Prevail will be available at the end of the month.

Features include WiFi, 2 MP camera without flash, 3.2″ 320 x 480 screen and Android 2.2.Other than the low spec camera this looks to a very nice phone for the price. Compared with the i1, the Prevail is less than half the price and has a larger screen, relatively current Android version and runs on a much faster network.  If Chirp is important to you, beware that there is no Push To Talk, however.

Early reports are that Prevail can only be used on the $50/month Unlimited Plan (with Shrinkage) and not on the 10 cents per minute Pay As You Go plan.

I’ve posted more information and links to several hands on reports at Prepaid Phone News.

  1. My boyfriend just got an android phone,im not really sure which model but its with verizion. his phone does EVERYTHING! There is an app for everything and his phone has a good camera with a flash and a camcorder with a light if u need one. When is boost gonna come out with something like that? I love boost and keep them as my provider but they phones they offer cant compete with the ones that r available with other carriers…..why?

  2. I dont have a 1i

    • This page is all about the i1. Please don’t post off topic comments.

      Chrip works on the Boost IDEN phones only. It’s a feature of the iDEN network itself. I don’t know of any app that will let Boost CDMA phones use chirp.

  3. I want to chirp but I can’t there have to be a app out there you can with other boost

    • You should be able to chirp with the i1. If it doesn’t work Boost may need to reset something on your account. Dial 877-855-6673 and press 88 to bypass all the menus and get a human.

  4. no flash on the prevail? well I’d rather stay with my i1. I don’t care if the prevail has android 2.2 and a bigger screen. it has the same resolution as the i1, therefore the graphics on it are more fuzzy than those on the i1 because of the bigger screen

  5. I bought the new phone the samsung galaxy. I got it from a boost mobile store cause radioshack and other stores still dont have them. Its a nice phone. Alot of stuff you can do with it.

  6. Ahh . Apple wants cheaper chips . Things were a whole lot easier when two company owners could just haggle in person , without a team of lawyers . 😀

  7. I just read an article at Fox News Mobile that Apple is suing Samsung for copyright infringement saying that the whole Galaxy series uses features based off of the iphone . I hope the judge does not grant an injunction before the Prevails release date .

    • That’s not the way those suits usually turn out. Samsung will counter-sue Apple. The lawyers will spend years and earn millions fighting it out and in the end there will be a cross licensing aggrement. Besides, Apple needs Samsung who is their main supplier for screens and some chips.

  8. anyone know if you can use the 2 dollar a day unlimited plan or just only the 50

    • Boost hasn’t officially said whether the Prevail can be used on plans other than the $50 one. We won’t really know until the phone is released.

  9. Best Buy confirmed for me that they will be carrying the Prevail but they don’t know the release date yet and they won’t put a hold on them.

  10. I was in a Best Buy store in Los Angeles recently, and was surprised not to see the Motorola i1 on display. When I asked, the employee explained that Best Buy is no longer carrying the i1, but would be carrying a newly released Android phone for Boost “soon”. Well, here it is. It just amazes me that Boost is still trying to sell the i1 for $399 with Android 1.5, yet they’re going to sell this Samsung with Android 2.2 for $179. I’m sorry, but PTT isn’t worth an extra $200+…

  11. That is a big turn off because the I1 has 5 mega prixel cam and prevail was the second chance they could have did right but not with a 2 mp cam preail its an android Phone with a bigger screen boost we exspect more from you this time around but coming half way does not cut it and i can get phones from virgin , cricket , and metro pcs phones under 115 and get more out of it

  12. WOW what phone in 2011 have a 2 MP camera like thats just a huge turn off plus its and android phone thats the saddest part -__-

  13. I guess Boost figured out they better release a decent phone with everyone switching to Virgin Mobile to buy the LG Optimus V.

  14. Woo Hoo ! I hope they make enough of them to sell on the release date . 🙂

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