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I’ve launched a new site, prepaidphonenews.com covering all the US prepaid carriers, including Boost, Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile, AT&T, StraightTalk and PagePlus. It’s a comparison and deals site designed to help users find the best prepaid plan and phone for their needs and budget.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t replace BoostApps. I’m going to start covering apps and games for the Boost CDMA phones here and am also working on some enhancements to the Universal App Loader as well as a redesign that will hopefully make it easier to find the games and apps on the site.  BoostApps will remain primarily a free App Store for Boost phones.  For Boost (and other carrier) news and deals check out prepaidphonenews.com. There are a couple of deals on Boost phones listed on the site right now.

If you are using a mobile browser there are two mobile versions of the new site:

prepaidphonenews.co/?m=1 – A rich mobile version for Opera Mini, Bolt and smartphone browsers

mippin.com/prepaid – A lightweight site with smaller pages and viewer images for built-in browsers like Openwave

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