Site Updates

Sorry for not posting any new apps  for the last two days. I’ve been busy adding new features to BoostApps.  Here’s what’s new:

New “Requests” page.  The comments thread on the “Welcome” post  had become so large that it would no longer load in mobile browsers. Most of the comments were requests so I’ve added a page just for requesting new games or apps. Just click the Requests menu item at the top of page. I’ve had to delete all the comment’s that are more than two weeks old from “Welcome” to get the page down to manageable size  but I copied all the outstanding requests to a file and will fill as many as possible

“Send to Phone” is now using official Sprint APIs.  When I launched BoostApps four months ago there was no documented way for third parties to send games and apps to iDEN phones so I wrote some code that stuffed the information into the iDEN Content Uploader’s web form. It worked but had the potential of breaking if Sprint changed the Content Uploader site in any way. Sprint recently launched a “Developer Sandbox” which provides an official documented way to send Java apps and games  to Boost and Nextel phones.  I’ve re-written the code behind “Send to Phone” to use the new Sandbox API.  This should make the service more robust and it seems to be a little faster as well.

Google powered site search.  I’ve switched the site search at the top right of the desktop version of Boost Apps from using WordPress’ build in search to Google.   This should make the search results more relevant, plus you can now use all the usual Google query language features like OR, the * wildcard,  exact search with +, exclusion with –  and searching for phrases by enclosing them in quotes.

Mobile site search. The mobile version of BoostApps now has a search box at the bottom of every page which is also powered by Google.

Hope you enjoy the changes.  Let me know in the comments if you find anything that’s not working.  I don’t plan any more changes in the immediate future so expect to see a steady flow of new games and apps to download to your phones in the coming days.