Bug Fixing and Soon the BoostApps Forum

I know it’s looked a little dead around here lately. If you are wondering whats going on a BoostApps, here’s an update.

I’ve been working rather hard to fix several bugs with the Universal App Loader. The ended up requiring a re-write of major parts of the loader and taking a lot longer than I expected.

The bugs fixed are:

  • Fixed a database connection issue that caused the entire BoostApps site to go offline for up to an hour on several occasions.
  • Fixed an error that was causing a blank screen to be displayed sometimes¬† when using the loader
  • Fixed a bug that caused the site to switch from the mobile version to the desktop one while using the loader.
  • Fixed a big that caused some apps sent with the loader to fail to download with error: “Failed Download with status code 904(Attribute Mismatch”

With these bugs out of the way I can finally start work on adding a forum to the site where users can share urls to good and useful apps and games that work using the loader and iDEN phones.¬† If any of you have experience hosting a web forum I’d appreciate suggestions of good forum software.¬† My requirement in order of importance are:

  • Written in PHP
  • Good support for mobile browsers
  • Runs well on a shared hosting account
  • Good hacker and spam resistance
  • Easy to maintain
  • Open Source
  • Free or imexpensive

Please report any bugs with the new loader version here or on the loader post.

6 comments on this post.

  1. shaydene says:

    I want this app

  2. TommyBlaze says:

    Some Apache and Tomcat server’s can interpret WML rather than have need to compile it. Apache also has .htaccess “program” which protect’s folder’s, and PHP-MySQL is a standard.
    IIS server’s, which only run on Window’s, can handle free stuff, and ASP.NET.

  3. Napgiver says:

    PunBB is a free and easy to run PHP forum. Lots of addons and themes. Their is a theme creator as well if I remember right.

  4. TommyBlaze says:

    There are alot of free & open source forum-creating program’s. From knowledge gained by scrolling to bottom of many site’s, I know that PHPBB (and 2 and 3) are popular. I can snail-email some code to you, and/or link’s, if you’d like.

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