Bug Fixing and Soon the BoostApps Forum

I know it’s looked a little dead around here lately. If you are wondering whats going on a BoostApps, here’s an update.

I’ve been working rather hard to fix several bugs with the Universal App Loader. The ended up requiring a re-write of major parts of the loader and taking a lot longer than I expected.

The bugs fixed are:

  • Fixed a database connection issue that caused the entire BoostApps site to go offline for up to an hour on several occasions.
  • Fixed an error that was causing a blank screen to be displayed sometimes  when using the loader
  • Fixed a bug that caused the site to switch from the mobile version to the desktop one while using the loader.
  • Fixed a big that caused some apps sent with the loader to fail to download with error: “Failed Download with status code 904(Attribute Mismatch”

With these bugs out of the way I can finally start work on adding a forum to the site where users can share urls to good and useful apps and games that work using the loader and iDEN phones.  If any of you have experience hosting a web forum I’d appreciate suggestions of good forum software.  My requirement in order of importance are:

  • Written in PHP
  • Good support for mobile browsers
  • Runs well on a shared hosting account
  • Good hacker and spam resistance
  • Easy to maintain
  • Open Source
  • Free or imexpensive

Please report any bugs with the new loader version here or on the loader post.