Click the new Forum link at the top of the page to visit the new BoostApps Forum. I’m hoping the forum will make it easier for  readers to share apps and games, discuss BoostMobile service and phones and get help with the BoostApp site and with phones, games and apps.

Anyone can visit the forum and read all the topics.

In order to reply to a topic or create a new topic you will have to register and log in. Registration is instant and only requires that you pick a username, password and supply an email address.  Emails aren’t currently verified so if you want to be anonymous, register now! If spam or other problems arise I’ll have to start requiring new members to verify their emails.

  1. UCWeb work’s well for desktop forum-just deleted a double post with it.
    2 thing’s though:
    1) The page, in UCWeb-desktop, has mostly yellow font.
    2) theme’s don’t seem to cover entire page, as each post and stat’s have diff BG color’s, at every-other one.

  2. How do you download games from Mobile 9?

    • It doesn’t look like it’s possible using the loader. The PC site uses a countdown timer and there’s no url to copy. On the mobile site as soon as I click Java Software I get a “Forbidden” error page

  3. My Honor can never be taken from me…

  4. Opera & UCWeb have bookmark’s, not sure bout Bolt.
    The UC bookmark manager let’s you make list’s of bookmark’s, accessible like link’s.
    In UCweb: go to Bookmark’s, & press left soft key. New Directory create’s a named list. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

  5. hi i just went to your forum and i would like to suggest that you put a perminant link onto forum pages to make it easier to get back to your main site page. rite now i have to use my phones’ “back” button to get back here. again that’s just a suggestion.

    • I noticed that too. I’ll add a link from the forum back to the main site.

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