Opera Mini 3.1

Some users prefer this older version of Opera Mini on iDEN phones.  Compared with Opera Mini 4.2, it loads faster, the UI is a little snappier and it has an iDEN compatible photo upload feature that 4.2 lacks.  This is the “high memory” version with Speed Dial shortcuts and HTTPS support.

Type: Freeware
Vendor: Opera Software – Product Page, Online Help, Forum
Data Connection Required: Yes
Supported iDEN phones: All Falcon Series with Java (i776, i465, i290, etc). Not for the i9 and i856 (Zeus Series), use this version instead.

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 126

Download to your PC


  1. Why opera mine cannot be open

    • game java

  2. good app

  3. Failed to launch opera mini 4.4 …how to fix this?

  4. I can you mobile humber.

  5. Dear sir
    when i use opera mini then shows that “start the connection test”why?

    • Try Opera Mini 4.1, I believe Opera has shut the Mini 3.x servers down.

  6. Dear sir, after my nokia220 express browser update to opera mini, when browsing its says ‘The page could not be opened’ or ‘out of memory’ why?

    • Maybe UC Browser will work better for the sites that don’t work in Opera Mini.

  7. Ok thank you sir dennis. Can i ask last question if you dnt mind. When im going to my browser and i started to typing there for facebook i cant connect with it.” The connection of the server was reset while the page was loading” what do you think is going to ny server .

    • Try a newer version of Opera, 4.1 or latter. I don’t think 3.1 is supported anymore.

  8. So meaning to say its not working in my fhone. So wat kind of boodt can i download on my cherry m. Ace? , my pone dnt have a games and my browser for fb cant process any suggestion?

  9. What version of opera mini should i use to download on my phone cherry mobile ace . And how to download it i cant find the icon of download at my phone can u please help me

    • There’s no version of Opera Mini that will work on your Cherry Mobile Ace Firefox OS phone.

  10. I like this Apps

  11. supar

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  13. boost app cannot download it si disscnnecting everthing

  14. just want to make correcti0ns,.instead of SAMSUNG GT-S8350,,,its actualy SAMSUNG GT-S3850,.sorry f0r the error.

  15. kindly please give me the direct installati0n of opera mini.,i find it really hard,f0r my ph0nes br0wser is too slow. l0okin f0rward for ur rply,thank u..im using SAMSUNG GT-S8350

  16. I cant install in VOX V5555

    • Try using Opera Mini 4.5. 3.1 is no longer supported.

  17. why fb canect not my phone.my phone 458× micromax

  18. please send me the old version opera mini that one supporting the bangle languages

  19. Where do we find OperaMini browsers for MRE (MauiRuntimeEnvironment) .vxp file extention ? That mediateks announced ?

    • Sorry I don’t know anything about downloading MRE .vxp apps. Google is your friend however: Download MRE .vxp apps

  20. 0pera mini 0n my fcaebook

    • What do you mean?

  21. thank you 4 sharing, do u have .mrp file 4mat of maui opera wap browser? i cant run .jad or .jar files.

  22. .i have also an mre supported phone but it also suports java but only low mem0ry..

  23. Plz give uc ya opera broser for micromax X458

    • The Micromax X458 doesn’t support Java ME so installing apps, including browsers, is not possible.

  24. I am using Note1 and Opera mini is not downloading in my phn ….. so can you plz help me….

    • You need to use the Android version of Opera Mini from the Android Play Store on you Samsung Galaxy Note Android phone.

  25. how to surf free internet on operamini 4.2 handler?i use free internet on operamini 3 if the balance is 0.0 but cant use on operamini 4.2 handler.plz solve

    • No idea, ask that question on the site where you downloaded Opera Mini Handler.

  26. Where to find vxp apps

  27. Why i cant downlosf in my samsung note sm n900 its always say insufficient memory,error connection please help me

  28. . hi dear i have something to ask i have a opera mini on my cherry mobile phone k9 .. when i browse/use google or internet it said thre was a problem connecting . thre might be a problem w/ network setup. please go to tools> settings and perform the connection test. now what am i going to do .. i cant use my opera mini i cant browse ..

  29. how can i download opera mini english for vxp phones ?

    • Sorry, but I don’t know where to find apps for vxp phones.

  30. Can I download and Upload from Opera Mini 3???
    And what is server link Of Opera Mini 3???
    Please Reply

    • Opera Mini 3 can download if your phone allows unsigned 3rd party apps to write to the file system. Most phones only allow writing to the memory card if there is one.

      If you mean the address of the Opera Mini proxy server, I don’t know it off hand. If you unzip the jar file and search inside the .class files for http you will find it.

  31. I always download the vxp oera mini for my phone t603i starmobile …yes they install it ? but everytime that I open it on my applications i always the ‘FAILED TO LAUNCH’ help me please ?

  32. i cant download any thing on my samsng chat e222 .pls i need ur help

    • Downloads aren’t working for anyone with Chat e222. I don’t know of any fix except getting a different phone.

  33. can i download opera mini3.1 on karbonn A2+ and in karbonn K455 and how

    • If the Kabonn 455 supports Java (I don’t think it does) open this page in the phone browser and click the JAR link to install Opera Mini.

      The Karbonn A2+ is an Android phone so you need to get Opera from the Play Store on the phone.

  34. can i download opera in karboon A2+and how

    • Yes but you need the Android version. It’s in the Play Store.

  35. better performence

  36. How to install the operamini in my lava 135 phone

    • That’s probably not possible. I don’t think the Lava 135 supports java or installing apps.

  37. How to convert jar format into vxp

    • As far as I know there’s no tool for automatically converting Java ME .jar files to MRE .vxp files. They are very different programming environments, .vxp apps are created with the C programing language, .jar with Java. The app’s author or another developer with access to the source code and familiarity with Java ME and MRE development would have to rewrite the app as a MRE one.

  38. Hai my phone was mre phone it’s support opera mini4.4 i want high virson pls

  39. MRE App Store: http://pranta.mw.lt/MRE
    Download all latest apps!

  40. how to enable java on a maui based phone.

    • I don’t think that’s possible, you have to use Maui (MRE) apps on a Maui phone.

  41. hi, I’ve a yxtel c8 phone . it is .mrp app supported . I did everything that its required to run .mrp apps like i downloaded mythroad zip and extracted to my phone memory chip in mythroad folder . But, when i dial this code ( *#220807# ) immediately the internet browser is starting and showing connection failed when internet settings are ok. Please tell me if you have any solution . And after a long search i found that my yxtel c8 phone is .vxp apps supported. I’ve some .vxp apps and these are working. Please upload some .vxp apps in your site. thanks.

    • I’m sorry but I don’t know anything about MRE phones or how to install apps on them. Try contacting Ytel or Mediatek for support.

  42. How can i download a maui based web browser to my phone?

    • I don’t know anything about Maui and have never seen a Maui phone.

      But 2 Minutes in Google and I found that Maui is actually Maui Runtime Environment (MRE) by Mediatek. On the Mediatek site is this page :
      http://developer.mediatek.com/mre/en/wiki/1107 which says “Copy the packaged vxp or vsm file to the phone or the \mre directory of the memory card to run the MRE application on the phone.”

      Goggling for Opera Mini .vxp I found Opera_Mini_9.1_MRE.vxp on http://dmaxmrp.tk/site_files.xhtml?get-q=opera+&get-i=786&get-f=14011&get-i=817

      Try it and let us know if it works.

    • I don’t no

  43. i m also using a generic phone and i cant download opera mini. the opera mini pre embeded in this phone

  44. I have a MAUI based generic handset.how can i download operamini for my phone

    • Most Maui based phones don’t support Java apps like Opera Mini. If yours does support Java, visit this page with the phone’s browser and click the jad link to download and install.

  45. I have an itel 2530 that uses a memory card for it’s extra space and has internet so i use it but i can’t open same files after download,it gives like “no jar files can’t open” can u guys help me.

    • Using your phone’s browser, click the JAD file link, that will download the app and install it.

  46. Ilove operamini

  47. hai, mine is samsung s3600, i tried to download opera mini from m.opera.com, the site detects my phone, but when i tried to download opera mini v7.1 ( as per opera.com its been supported by my mobile) it failed due to an error ” invalid jad descriptor file error” why is it happnening? how to install opera mini in my phone? i installed uc web, bt i prefer OM more

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