Opera Mini 4.4

Opera Mini 4 has been updated. The new release is Version 4.4  According to a post on the Opera Mini blog, there are no visible changes in this version. However the network code has be redesigned which “opens up new possibilities for your network operator to integrate services like free Opera Mini browsing to certain sites”. I kinda doubt that Boost will ever use that feature. There are also bug fixes including one for a problem that affected skins on some Samsung devices.

Opera Mini 4.4 is recomended for phones that aren’t powerful enough to run Opera 5+ well or at all.

Type: Freeware
Author:  Opera Software – Product Page, Online HelpForum
Data Connection Required: Yes
Minimum Java ME profile: MIDP 2.0
Screen Size: All
Reported Working On: LG Rumor Reflex, Motorola i776, Motorola Rambler, Samsung Factor
Reported not working on: Qmobile E880, Samsung Ch@boostapps.comt 222, Samsung GT- E2220, Samsung GT-E2222, Samsung GT E2252

The app “Opera Mini 4″ (134 KB) is ready to download or send to your phone as filename:”Mini44c”.

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 5398

Download to your PC


  1. hi i am using sumsung gt e2222 but cant download any application or games with jar or jad file. pls i beg if there is any help pls help me solve this issue pls . thank you

  2. uc brawoser dawunloding prabalms

  3. jar are invled samsung gt e-2252

  4. my phone is samsung model GT-E2222 .in this phone cant download uc as well as opera or any app. files finally said to download failed jar are invalid plz help me give some suggestion

    • That model phone gives everyone trouble. Return it if you can.

  5. hii
    why my phone samsung gt-s5270 shows downloade jar are failed when i download any app or opera mini for my phone??
    plzzz help me…

    • It could be many things including:

      Your phone is out of internal storage memory
      Your operator is blocking downloads
      The apps you are trying to download are incompatible with the phone
      The phone is defective

      Based on what you have told me I have no idea what the cause is. Troubleshoot by doing things like deleting some apps to free space or using a different operator’s SIM or trying to different, smaller, simpler apps,

  6. seriously watsup wth the samsung chate2222 it cnt download anything anymore! pliz any clues cz lyk i hv tried all the above solutins but thy hv failed!

    • That model phone is buggy and gives everyone problems downloading apps. I don’t know of any way to fix it.

  7. “my phone samsung duos gt e2222 to save when i download opera mini 4, it says JAR, JAD or server not found. what could be the problem?”
    I had the a similar problem with my samsung e222 but i managed to download and install opera mini 4.4 on my mobile phone. it is working perfectly without any connection problems.

    kindly Launch this URL http://mini.opera.com

  8. my samsung chat e2222 has not install any application pls give me soluation

  9. using a sumsung gt e2222 it cant download java apps it respond saying jar eror

  10. In mine samsung mega cam (Gt-C3303i)mobile when i download any internet software just like an Uc browser. Opera mini. then it instal but it show network failure why. plz help me and give me solution what is the problem in mine mobile.plz give me solution.

  11. my samsung E222 is not dowloading it say dowload failed .dowload jar invalid

  12. my phone samsung duos gt e2222 to save when i download opera mini 4, it says JAR, JAD or server not found. what could be the problem?

    • Every one complains about error installing apps on that phone. I don’t have a solution

      If you Google “samsung duos gt e2222 app error” and you will see many people have that problem along with some alleged fixes. If you find a fix that works please leave a comment telling us how you did it.

  13. i can’t download any thing in my phone i don’t no why.

  14. My opera Mini worked fine until 4.4 was ‘upgraded’ to 4.5. Now I can’t reinstall or use opera mini 7.1 or 4.5 for my blackberry. They won’t reinstall at all. Thanks a lot for changing the system. Everything was fine until the change.

  15. i can’t download any game or social networks becose of my GT E2220 samsung it says downloaded fail jar are invalid .So how can i valid jar to download

  16. I hav tried most of the methods of installing opera mini 4.4 on samsung Ch@boostapps.comt 222 but it is still not working. All I see is “Downloaded JAR invalid” Pls help me out. I have regretted buying this phone. Infact nothing at all can be downloaded pls, pls, pls HELP me…

    • Sorry, I’m out of ideas.

  17. How can I ensure positively that it is a SIGNED VERSION any other is just a waste of minutes, somjetimes even signe stuff won’t load (descritor error ,whatever that is) Help please Peter

    • Most apps on this site are unsigned. The only ones that are signed are a couple of Google Maps versions which are prominently labeled as being signed.

      The easiest way to tell if an app is signed is to open the .jad file with a text editor or Wordpad and look for lines starting with “MIDlet-Certificate” or “MIDlet-Jar-RSA-SHA” followed by a lot of gobbledygook which is the actual signature.

      Signed versions of Opera Mini can be found at http://mini.opera.com using your mobile browser. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Code signing…” link to see the signed versions. If you have trouble finding them or want to download a signed version to your PC see: How to Download Opera Mini Signed Versions.

  18. My qmobile e 880 is not run that opera minit asking that not enough memory

  19. hi i really hope u can help, im using a vodafone VF354 & its built in browser is opera mini 4.2 which needs updating as it dont work rite, but wen i try 2 download beta version its says downloads not supported. wot can i do??

    • I don’t know anything about that phone. But you generally can’t replace or update built-in apps. If Opera Mini got corrupted, a factory reset should fix it. Back up your your contacts, photos etc. before resetting as they will be deleted by the reset.

  20. Could you tell me which the simplest version for android is?

    • There’s really only one Opera Mini version for Android, Opera Mini 7.5. It runs well on almost all Android phones including low end amd really old ones

  21. My phone samsung galaxy y duos gt-s6102 is not listed in opera’s list……does that mean no opera mini for me???

    • No, it just means Opera hasn’t tested that phone. It will probaby work.

  22. How can i install opera 7 in my samsung GT-E2152 ??

  23. How can i install opera mini 7.1 on my mobile Qmobile E880?

  24. Please am unable to upload pictures on my phone operamini

    • You can usually only upload files that are on the memory card.

  25. How can i install this version on my samsung GT E3210

    • Open this page in the phone’s browser and click the JAD link.

  26. Finally, installed on my Nokia E71 with no errors. Just download the Jar file. Hehehe Thanks for this working version.

  27. how to download, i foul many times …..

  28. pls am using samsung e2222 and any time i try to download it says download failed sownload jar is invalid pls help me

    • Try using the jad or downloading it from http://m.opera.com using the Samsung browser.

  29. I need uc browse in 150 250 kb is there any

    • UC 6.7 Lite and UC 7.2 Lite JAD  (Jar) are 128 KB. All the full versions are 360-500 KB.

  30. i cant install Opera Mini 4.4 on my Chat GT e2222

    • What error do you get?

  31. My operamini 4.4 does no longer upload pictures and videos . and i dont know why it no longer support

  32. iam unable to install opera mini on my samsung chat GTC3222 ?

  33. Thank u.

  34. i use opera mini 4.4 in my samsung GT E2222.But i cant download softwares or any other files using it bcz it says ‘error in fetching file’ .. y does it say so? plz provide a solution for me.

    • That’s a known issue with Opera Mini and some Samsungs. Until it’s fixed you need to download with the Nokia browser or the UC Browser.

  35. I can’t see the photos

    • In Opera Mini 4.4? Go to Menu > Tools > Settings and be sure “Load images” is checked. It’s checked and you still don’t see the images it’s because your phone doesn’t have enough Java heap memory. Changing Image quality to low will reduce the memory needed and may help.

  36. samsung ch@boostapps.comt222 how to install jar and jad

    • Open this page in the phone’s browser and click the JAD or JAR link.

  37. problem of installing (it give network problem)

  38. it doesn’t work for my phone .pls i need application for samsung chat 222

  39. @boostapps.comWalter….Change ur app Setting
    close the browser and go to option menu and there will be an option ‘application access’ click on it and choose allow application access and save it
    thats it the problem is solved

  40. Every time I get on facebook thru OM 4.4 n try to upload a picture It won’t all it does shows me the files to chose from but after I do that nothing happens just keeps askin me to allow it but still it doesn’t work any ideas anyone?

  41. works pretty well on my i836

  42. for some strange reason i can not access Facebook thru opera anymore , dont know what happened it only says cant connect to server or sometimes just a blank screen saying error it was fine a day ago

  43. Sir,
    I cant access http://m.yahoo.com/ on Samsung Champ c3303K via Opera Mini 4.x
    But native browser, bolt, uc works fine with that site.
    Whats the problem!
    Yahoo says Unsupported Device!
    Also, I can access with Opera Mini 4.x enhanced by Vodafone!
    Can you please upload OM 4.x by Vodafone? (In my area, Vodafone network is unavailable and I reset my phone).

    • The problem sounds like a bug in Yahoo’s browser detection code. I suggest you contact Yahoo and also file an Opera bug report as Opera may have greater persuasive powers with Yahoo than you would.

      I’m not on Vodafone either so I have no way of obtaining the Vodafone enhanced browser.


    • That’s hardly wort SHOUTING about. But this might help: Solving Opera Mini Connection Problems

  44. Works great on my boost iden network motorola clutch i475, Thanks! The facebook app wouldn’t work, but opera mini comes with facebook preloaded in the bookmarks and soooo easy and sooo much faster than the program the phone came with. Thanks again! Surfing is a breeze now

  45. On my ancient i760 4.2 still the best(4.3 and 4.4 cause power cycle.)

  46. not a big change but i noticed with 4.3 some sites would not display pictures only empty boxes bt with the new 4.4 is fixed so thats cool, also they brouhgt back socket/http option like i said nothing big but still an upgrade can’t conplaint.

  47. So far so good on my I880. Thank you!!!

  48. Thanks again.

  49. I keep getting an “Invalid Descriptor” error message when I try 2 download. Any help? Thank you, Dennis

    • I think I found and fixed the problem. Try downloading again.

  50. It works just like the previous version with nothing new to brag about on my i465 .
    One of the bugs that drive me crazy that still has not been fixed is that hitting the back button messes up the mapping of the links of the previous page .

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