Opera Mini 4.2 Motorola has discovered an issue with the Java Virtual Machine on Zeus Series phones (currently the i9 and i856) that affects Opera mini.  It causes these phones to reboot while browsing with both Opera Mini 3.1 and 4.2.  The rebooting can be prevented by adding the following line to the application’s .jad file:

iDEN-MIDlet-miniJIT: off

If you want a slightly longer technical explanation it’s here.
If you have an i9 or i856 you should use this version of Opera Mini 4.2.  Users of other models should use the generic version as the iDEN-MIDlet-miniJIT: off directive will cause a performance degradation on anything except the i9 and i856.

If you already have Opera Mini 4.2 on your phone, Download Apps will not automatically prompt you to install the new version after downloading it. You need to go to Java Apps, highlight Opera Mini, press the menu key and choose “Update”. Say yes to the prompt “Keep existing application data” so you don’t lose your bookmarks.

Type: Freeware
Vendor: Opera Software – Product Page, Online Help, Forum
Data Connection Required: Yes
Supported iDEN phones: All Zeus Series (i9, i856) only

Download to your PC


  1. Pls , how can I download opera mini on my BB pearl 8100
    Cos I have tried it and it is not going thru

    • Download the BlackBerry version from http://m.opera.com using the BlackBerry browser.

  2. my opera mini is not working can i downlod opera mini 6

  3. I have been trying to download opera mini to my metro pcs huawei pinnacle. Can someone please give me the link to download for my phone. Please help!!!!!!

    • Your phone doesn’t support Java so it’s not possible to install Opera Mini from here or any other 3rd party site. The Pinnacle runs BREW apps which are only available from the @boostapps.commetro App store.

  4. like it

  5. Hey!
    I have a problem whith my i856. I use openwave, it works slowly, but i just cant load gmail on it. A 400 or 404 error pops in all the time. Do you believe Opera mini will solve my problem?

    • Definately. I use Gmail in Opera Mini every day. The mobile and desktop “Basic HTML” versions both work great in Mini.

    • Dennis! Now the problem i found is to download opera mini. I’m writing from brazil and my i856 is nextel. I made the download of the from the site in my pc and send it via usb to my i856, but i cant find it in my phone! How can i make it work? I hope you can help me!!!

    • You need to use iDenJAL to transfer apps from a PC to iDEN phones. Links and instructions here: How To: Install Apps and Games On iDEN Phones Using A Data Cable

    • Dennis! It worked! The app is now in my phone!
      But… After starts stalling opera mini, comes a “Failed to connect to the internet” message. 🙁
      Thats strange because in the openwave navigator its connecting normaly…

    • On iDEN, packet data which is what Opera Mini uses, is provisioned separately from WAP data for Openwave. You might have to ask your operator to enable packet data. aka “data for java apps”

  6. Download boltlite

  7. Can i get opera mini on a sanyo incognito.? Thanx

    • Sure, visit http://mini.opera.com with the phone’s browser and click the download link.

  8. How can I add the .jad line “iDEN-MIDlet-miniJIT: off”?

    • Open the JAD with a text editor and type or paste it in on a line of it’s own at the end of the page.
      But the download files on this page already have it so you don’t need to.

  9. Is their any software i can download so i can watch streaming video

  10. Are there any iden browsers that will display animated gif images?

    • The built in Openwave browser is the only one I know of that does.

    • Hmm…
      For some reason the Openwave on my i335 can’t handle them…
      (weather radar images)

    • I think it only handles small animated gifs with 2 frames.

  11. I want to download operamini on my phone . My phone is nokia6230i.

    • Visit http://mini.opera.com with your phone’s browser and click the “Download Opera Mini…” link.

  12. i need an operamini on my phone nokia 6230i, i’ve tried to download it but it’s not through so i want to send it from the net to my phone whether it will work

  13. hey thanks for getting opera mini working on the i856. its working great on my i856 and i am really using it alot.

  14. hey i have this version on my i856 and it doesnt let me click “watch video” on youtube.com is it not supposed to let you watch you tube videos?? please help thanks 🙂

    • It’s not possible to watch YouTube or other streaming videos of Boost iDEN phones. The network is too slow.

  15. thanks for the help i been trynna to us eit on my i856w for a while since change phones…. i just love opera mini it fast easy n useful

  16. I really like this browser..loads bigger pages with a more pc feel to it..the zoom is way cool and the landscape mode looks cool on my 856..does crash once n a while but only on the huge websites..thumbs up!

  17. I found that opera mini 4.2 is the best browser here. I had the 5 but I found it was limited and you cant delete bookmarks. Is there going to be a update for 5 soon?

  18. Thanx for the info Dennis, if this doesn’t fix the problem, like you, I’ll be back to 4.2…

  19. Brett,
    I’ve added the iDEN-MIDlet-miniJIT: off directive to the Opera Mini 5 JAD file. You can download the patched version from http://boostapps.com/mini.htm

    However, even with the fix I’ve found OM5 unusable on the i856 and i9. Doesn’t load images on most sites, part of the main menu missing, opening a new tab clears the old one. I’m sticking with 4.2 for now

  20. I have downloaded the Opera 5.2 version and I’ve run into the same problem I had with 4.2 prior to adding the fix (phone re-booting)…Is there a similar fix to the 5.2 version?

  21. Ian,
    Opera Mini 4.2 and 3.1 work on the i9 and are reasonably stable. All features work except saving pages and upload/download.

    You can load Opera Mini 5.2 on the i9 and it runs but isn’t really usable. Images don’t display except on very small pages, parts of the main menu are missing and opening a second tab clears the first one.

    Text entry is limited to 252 characters in all apps on all Motorola iDEN phones.

    The iDEN network is much slower (19.2 kbs) than Virgin’s (100 kbs) so pages take a lot longer to load.

    The only Email app I’ve found that works on the i9 is Gmail v 1.51 or earlier which is great if you use Gmail

    Texts are often delayed on Boost phones and IM’ing while possible and free is clunky. The IM apps are all slow and have key mapping issues.

    The main advantages of Boost over Virgin are lower cost for most users, many more apps and task switching. You can run Opera Mini, Gmail and a Notepad app all at once and switch instantly between them without loosing text that you have entered.

    • On Opera saving pages doesn’t work, but I discovered that in BOLT 2.1 that feature does work, after you change the permissions in JAVA settings to Always for all of the settings. It even lets you download images, but there’s no way to open them so that part is useless. However I have saved pages, and as long as you have enough memory on your phone, it’s NO problem. I have thested this with a few different pages, turned phone off (to make sure it’s not just loaded into the memory while running), turned back on and my saved pages are still there! 🙂 Hope this helps anyone that wanted to save a page for future refference. (And YES, it saves ALL images that were loaded on that page as well)

  22. I dont mean to butt in on your boost mobile talk here but i’m on Virgin Mobile and i was very curious about how opera mini worked on your guys boost phones. Opera Mini works wonderful on my Kyocera x-tc, 5524 char max when i type on opera mini. i been eye balling the i9 phone and it seems that opera mini dont work all that great on that phone. anyone confirm that? hows the web browsing on the boost phones? what about texting and IMing? and one more question, hows the email program? sorry for hijacking your forum, thanks for listening.

  23. My i776 rarely crashes. When I had a i855 it would crash fairly often. Turning the phone off and back on daily helped somewhat.

  24. Still crashes sometimes, despite the “FIX”… I have an i856, any ideas?

  25. where can I get Opera mini 4.2? I have Opera Mini 3 installed on my i465.

    • On this same site… look under apps…

  26. works great for i856 still gettin used to but it gets 2 thumbs up
    btw does it take up a lot of space and battary life

  27. To load Cell Spy follow the instructions on this page: http://boostapps.com/tutorials/how-to-load/ It might work, it might not. Only way to find out is to try.

  28. can i add cell spy to my i9?

  29. I got it to load and run finally. I actually had to create the zip file on a linux box and send it from there. Once I did that, it seems to be working fine now.

  30. Same here, Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 hangs while installing on my i776. I’ve filled a bug report at http://mini.bugs.opera.com/ I suggest that everyone else who is seeing this issue do the same to show Opera how much their browser means to iDEN users.

  31. Anyone have any luck getting Opera mini 5 beta 2 to load? I have not had any luck as of yet.

  32. im loving the opera mini app. thnx a million. im on the i856w slider debut boost mobile.

  33. Glen, a Java error during the Writing Flash or Allocating Flash phases of the install means that there is not enough free Flash memory space to complete the installation. Delete one or more apps or games until the install succeeds.

    The pre-installed demos and bloatware are good candidates for deletion as you can always get them back by going to “Factory Pre-loads” in Download Apps and re-installing them.

  34. cool opera wrks best on my i290 uROCK dennis how can i install my apps on my i290 when installing theres a java erorr and writing flash doenst install any solutions? thanks uRockon:=)

  35. Ooh, and I know this isn’t the place to post it, but will boost ever come out with wireless routers? I’m saving up for a laptop, and would like to get a router powered by boost. There’s Sprint, but I don’t want to pay too much for internet :-s

  36. It’s not the best phone ever but it was a different boost company supposably… Will boost 50 /mo plan ever make a stronger clutch? I love boost, but the limited web use is really making me want to get a BlackBerry and stick with T-Mobile lol

  37. Aww! Lucky! I really like my clutch, and boost. But when will boost come out with better phones? A representitive told me there’s a slider coming out. It’s not gonna be an iDEN model is it? I remember last year I use to have the c290, not the best (cont.)

  38. Java apps are limited to 242 characters of text in an edit bo on all Motorola iDEN phones. It’s a phone limitation not an Opera Mini one so modding wouldn’t help. On my Nokia phone I can enter 4000 characters in the same app.

  39. See? That’s where it ends. That is VERY limited for me. And I would use Open Wave to type, BUT it’s slow, and if I recieve a call or text and outter transmition, everything I typed disappears! :'( sorry to post so many comments, but please help.

  40. Okay, I was using the Open Wave for the last comment. Now I’m using Opera Mini. I want you to see how limited it is to me. I just — is it possible to mod the app into having 10,000 char space? That would be so awesome. Type, type, type. Type, type, t ends

  41. Hey, Dennis. The char space is pretty limited. And me, I type A LOT. Usually over 100 words per message. I help people when they message me and if I can help them, I do so. Lately I haven’t been as detailed cos of this limited char space. Let’s say I were using Opera Mini right now. I don’t think I’d be able to send this full message… but break up in parts. Is there by any chance a way you can fix this? Can you mod Opera Mini to have a much less limited char space? Like, 10,000 chars? Yes, 10,000 can be the limit… Could yeh do that, please? 😕

  42. Jacob and Dion, Thanks for reporting the issue with Opera Mini 4.2 for the i9 and i856. I believe that I’ve fixed it. Try resending it from BoostApps. It should work now.

  43. i love ur site. thanks but wen i go 2 update it says jar mismatch

  44. i have still encounter the reboot problem and when i update it it says 409 mismatch i tried it 9 times but it keeps happening

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