Requested by a BoostApps reader, SpyBlue, also called SpyScan, is an app that scans for Bluetooth devices within range. You can set it up to scan for all devices or only the ones you specify.  The vendor suggests using it to find friends in a crowded club or on the subway.

Type: Ad Supported

Vendor: Javaphone.it – Product Page

Data Connection Required: Yes

Supported iDEN phones: All Falcon Series (i776, i465, i9, i290, etc.)

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for Java ME phones only.

To download and install click here: DOWNLOAD (jad)

Alternate downloads: jar zip

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  1. Dennis says:

    To be honest, I think this app is kind of pointless. As far as I know it’s only useful for telling if your friend is nearby.

  2. Marco says:

    what can you do once you find them can you hack or what is the purpose of the apps

  3. Dennis says:

    It will find any mobile device that has Bluetooth turned on. The other users don’t need the app.

  4. me says:

    does the other person ur finding have to have this app to

  5. TommyBlaze says:

    bluetooth is a weak point of mine. just dont understand it at a user level. what is this app useful for, other than finding people?

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