Update 29-Mar-2012: this game no longer works. The servers have been shut down, perhaps permanently. See this Rhynn Forum post for more information:.

Rhynn was updated to version 1.3.7 yesterday.  This is a mandatory update.  The Rhynn server was also updated and older versions will no longer work.  There are no new features in this version.

To Update Rhynn (iDen users): Press the “Send To Phone” button below to send Rhynn 1.3.7 to your Boost iDEN or Nextel phone. Then highlight Bolt in the Java Apps menu, press the “Menu” soft key and choose “Update“. Choose to “Keep existing data” when prompted and you won’t lose your settings.

Rhynn is another MORPG (Multi Player Online Game). This version is the latest “Demo” version of the game, released 19-Jul-2009. The game’s web site refers to  a full commercial version to be released “in 2006”. As far as I can tell the full version does not exist.  This game seems to be a demo only in that the game’s authors consider it incomplete. There do not appear to be any limitations to the game play and it is free. The game is be pretty responsive and playable on my i776 although it seems prone to getting server disconnection errors which require restarting the game! I’m hoping the server problems are temporary as this looks like it could be a great game

Type: Freeware
Vendor: AwareDreams- Product Page, Forum
Data Connection Required: Yes
Supported iDEN phones: All Falcon Series (i776, i9, i290, etc.) except the i465.

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 758

Download to your PC


  1. Loads just fine but when i click connect it says error connection failure. Y does it do that. My connections just fine

    • Perhaps the Rhynn server is down.

    • The Rhynn servers are down and have been since 8-Dec-2011. It doesn’t look like they are coming back up anytime soon if ever. See this Rhynn Forum post for more information: http://www.rhynn.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14609

  2. down loads just fine but it comes up with a message cannot connect too server try again later

  3. Hi all what is the xroads or crossroads i googled it and i cudnt find any thing about plz till me how to find. Oh and im A.M+EGY/CP LV. 95 AND 92 AND 75 ITS V GUD GAME !WINK!

  4. 907 Invalid JAR
    Error!: control flow verification information too large: a And that’s all it said. Might brick the thing even if it does install – they likely use some “non-standard” libraries for graphics/interface. RIM uses J2ME, but added/modified some internal code, causing backward compatibility to be minimal, if at all.

  5. Is there some way to run this on a blackberry curve 8530?

    • There’s no BlackBerry specific version of Rhynn. Try clicking the JAD file link in the BlackBerry browser. Some generic Java apps do work on BlackBerrys. If the JAD here doesn’t work you could try the Nokia and Sony Ericsson versions here: http://www.rhynn.com/dlinst.php

  6. hy all,this game is great i play it since 1.3.2 version as Gorstak DK,now am Dark King,i invite all gud ppl to join Dark Team clan-best in game.http://dark-members.forumotion.net

  7. Dnt play rhynn .i lost my chr twice by unknown things they dnt do shit abt it

  8. The game is really great although I’m not thrilled about getting kicked off every 20 or 30 mins. I was wondering though, I can only seem to go into about 4 or 5 places, and there are about 4 portals that I can’t even go through. If someone has an idea about why that is, please let me know because I am clueless about it. Thanks, and the website is really nice!

  9. Me to0 i start playing n 1.2V . 1.2 s an0ther servr .

  10. I been playing since version 1.2 it rocks!

  11. I need a little help in the game please, Im stuck. I cant find any quests that I can solve n the games not so fun anymore. I miss Graal, wish you could get it on the Boost network.

  12. The half-hour kick’s have been known about for a long time.. Also, it’s not every 3 and 36 min’s after the hour, apparently, since I just got kicked at 2:45 then at 3:15. There are other server’s though, maybe their more exact, but not the Rhynn server.

  13. Annie, I’ve been around for a quarter of a century online! Although I’ve got medical issues, I’m glad you like the real me online. No, I’m not plastic just old schoolish a bit. Thank you too for noticing me! 🙂

  14. Attention Rhynn players. The server disconnects every 30mins! 3 and 33mins past every hour. And reconnect is every 6 and 36mins after the hour. This isn’t inconvenient at all! Work with the system, there’s plenty of time. I’m known as Shaolin DK in there:)

  15. THANK YOU DENNIS!!! If you were a woman I’d give you a big kiss! This game keeps me occupied for many hrs. I can escape reality and it’s a great stress reliver for my heart condition. THANK YOU SO MUCH! ‘Care Stephan

  16. can anyone tell me how to play rhynn on a pc please. thanks

  17. hey dennis please find more final fantasy games or any good rpg games thanks keep up the good work

  18. Dennis, I noticed u told Stephan you’d try & find him more adventure games & I think that’s fabulous. Just reading his posts has been very entertaining & fun in itself.

  19. What a great positive manner u have! It’s very refreshing & kind.

  20. Wow my first say on this brilliant website and you did it in 1 day just to say i did not post on getjar.com that new version is out thanks for the response again 🙂

  21. You know rhynn its a good game but the server disconnection is annoying just to tell you rhynn version 1.3.7 is out already

  22. Well wat can i say i have been a diablo fan for years and was over the moon when i found your game. i think you should use more ideas out of diablo in rhynn! the server dropping out ever 5 to 30 mins i can deal with but dude x.nt really need to do some thing about all the cheats, i mean wats the point. im on level 49 mate and last night i had some low life cheat on lvl12 smash me in almost one hit! he told me his damage was 200 and magic n skills was 130! im a true lover of this game and honestly mate im not far from throwing it in if ya don’t do something bout cheats.

  23. This link http://java.our.lt allows you to see where the players are in the game! Also includes their current levels… Enjoy… 😉

  24. For the first time in 10yrs I can breathe again! I’ve longed for a game like this, like XRoads! It’s like trying to stop smoking. This game really made me come alive! Felt like I was born again! Grin, let it never die again. Life is precious n always will!

  25. One more thing before I forget. The server disconnect is about 2-3 minutes long! Such a small inconvenience to play this game. So you players, let’s get with the program! Let’s fight our glorious battles. I’m honored to have met a couple of you from here.

  26. The Sysop later apologized because he didn’t know how long it took to get levels. Rhynn is about the same using D & D type programming to determine your levels and attack formula for fighting. It’s mathematical indeed, like the old dice rolls… 🙂

  27. Folks, be glad about this. When you die in Rhynn you do NOT lose your level or exp points. In Crossroads, depending on your level you’d lose 1-3 levels!!! Why we had a no kill player policy then. I’ve even killed a Sysop of his own system for this…

  28. I posted the Rhynn emulator to the Crossroads forum on Yahoo in hopes the Gamemaster programs a java app to get into their game. 4 time winner, Wizard of Fire XRoads Bengal the Shaolin at your service… 😉

  29. Here’s the Emulator for the computer users to get on Rhynn… And do enjoy the game by Yours Truly, Bengal 😉

  30. I highly recommend this game for adventure multi game enthusiasts! Very similar to Crossroads and build your character while climbing levels. Get EXCITED, get ENERGIZED, BE all you can BE. Join Rhynn TODAY! Endorsed by AKA: “Bengal” the Shaolin.

  31. Dennis, I’m now lvl 22 in this massive game. I don’t know how many hrs I’ve put in but its so close to the old game I’m just hooked! LAUGH! I neglected email for a couple days cause of this! 🙂 THANK YOU!

  32. Would’ve been nice to have played this when I was hospitalized for congestive heart failure. At least I can enjoy while healing out here. I know where I’ll be spending, timeHELL WITH THAT TELNE app! This gave gets a 5 STAR rating! I LOVE IT!!! 😉

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying Rhynn, Stephan. Once the loader is working I’ll try to find some more adventures.

  33. I did get killed by a couple of users. I noted their characters and once my attributes are honed in the Training Barracks, I’M GOING HUNTING FOR THEM! BTW, I’m Bengal, like Bengal the Shaolin in CrossRoads yrs ago. I am Bengal, I will help you! 🙂

  34. Well the server disconnect is not that bad. I usually get back on in a few mins. I noticed the players sometimes accidently hit you when they’re attacking creatures nearby. Got my heal spell so no biggy! I’m INTO THIS! 🙂

  35. Talk about ADDICTIVE DENNIS! This game is closeto the CrossRoads game I played yrs ago! There’s no elements but I’m a Wizard again. Lvl 10 n climbing! Spent most of Sat. PM building my character’s attributes. THIS GAME ROCKS FOR THIS 49yr old! gRiN

  36. Real active topic, huh? If your playing or considering playing this, stop, throw all morals out the window and find all the cheat versions, because you will NOT get anywhere without it. Marlowe, your lazy. Cheat it up, n enjoy trying to polish this terd.

    • TommyBlaze, You don’t need cheat codes! It’s all in the weapon you’re using and the speed of your recharge to launch your next attack. I’ve got a good trigger finger to launch my attack spells! You can’t lose levels! Chill out.. 🙂

  37. There are things i like about tibia, but its kinda gay. Rhynn is always fast n reliable for me, even with the disconnecting. Besides, Rhynn is completely free. Just spend lotta points on defense n health, lol, cuz the players love to kill..everything.

  38. this game is fun but the server is horrible! cant play 4 more than 20 mins or so. other than that 4 a free game it pretty good. tibiame is way better tho 4 gameplay and server issues

    • SJustin, Patience son!!! I’m at level 25 and climbing. The server issue is not a big deal! And that game you play doesn’t touch THIS! I’ve played that game and it’s NOT APPEALLING! Sorry I’m blunt but this game also has strategy. Let’s Enjoy! 🙂

  39. Lots of recent activity on the homepage, and ‘gm_jay’ popped in talking about a new beta release in bout ten days now. So..that may be something to look forward to if marlowe doesn’t get lazy again, Lol.

  40. i found a game not quite this but similar called geddaheadz on get jar the other day it is alright on game play you can play on bluetooth or online only thing that sucks is that you have to suspend the app to go back… 🙂

  41. The game is gud but one thing that i doesnt like. The server always disconnected when i play the game. That is sick its get me frustating. . .

  42. ya i have a i465 and i can play it if ur on the i465 jus hold the fn key for like 5 secs and use the numbers to type ur name and password and one other thing dennis ur great man do u think u can get tibiame? peace out

  43. sorry double post. Lotta bugs, cheats n mods 4 this. v1.3/1.4 out, at least in beta. Project was abandoned by devs, but still mostly awesome. server disconnect is unfixed bug, server refreshes n everyone dropped, every 30 mins or so. maybe post mods here?

  44. typing sucks, but unless your lookin for chat, also pointless. great game other than screen cut off on all sides and cant read bottom line of dialogue on i290 and occasional server dropoff. very entertaining, though. Thank you, dennis.

  45. I Have A i465 And It Works Fine On Mine.. But Theres A Trick
    Ex:) Hold The (FN) Button For 5 second So you Can Give It Enough Time To Switch Over
    Then Use The Only The 1-9 Buttons To Interact… But When You Type Something You Have To Do It Like You Are On A Regular Dial Pad…

  46. just to clarify: keep cycling through the “2” key for “a,b,c,etc” and like i said, it does popup with whats available with the key u pressed, and if remember right * is delete; it tells u either way

  47. i have i465 and im lvl9 so far, u have to use oldstyle num-alpha keys, it has a popup if u cant remember. so in game chat forget it, too hard! connectivity is an issue but still fun & FREE 🙂

  48. It sounds like Rhynn has a problem with the i465’s QWERTY keyboard. I’ve edited the post to indicate that Rhynn doesn’t work with the i465. If anyone finds a workaround please share it.

  49. i couldnt make a profile either. can anyone help?

  50. I downloaded this for my i465, and for some reason I cant put it a name or pw to registerr. All keys were unresponsive

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