I’ve ordered a Boost Motorola Rambler CDMA phone. It should arrive next Wednesday.  I plan to use it to test the games and apps I post on BoostApps.  I will add a CDMA “Yes” or “No” label to all new app postings going forward and eventually to older postings as well.

BoostApps will continue support iDEN users.  I’m keeping my iDEN SIM active and will continue to post new iDEN compatible apps.

I don’t really know much about the Rambler.  I choose it over the Incognito or Seek mainly because it was cheap and I figured that apps that work on one of Boost’s most basic phones would be probably also work on the more advanced ones.

Incidently, if you’re thing of buying a Boost phone or accessory, www.boostmobile.com is having a 20% off sale now though Feb 14th.  Just enter the coupon code VALENTINE20 at check-out to get the discount.

The Boost site says the coupon is valid for purchases of the Samsung Seek, BlackBerry Curve 8530, Motorola Bali, blue Sanyo Juno and Sanyo Mirro, but it worked on my Rambler purchase.  I’m not sure what else it works on, probably just phones but possibly also accessories, ringtones, games and maybe even Re-Boosts.

Boost’s site lets you try the code before you enter you credit card info. After you enter the code, press the “apply code” button to see if you got the discount. You can still cancel out of the purchase at that point if you want.

  1. I Want Games

    • There are lots of games here, help yourself.

  2. plzzz! iwant to download a game on my cellphone <3 <3

    • Just download it. You don’t need to ask for permission.

  3. pleeese send me a games they will be friend and i will support it pleeeeeese

  4. The game is saw nice to play

  5. Download the game

  6. Amazing. .

  7. how the hell do i watch you tube vids on rambler??? please msg me…..pleeeeease! my num iz [removed]

    • Just go to youtube.com with the built in browser and click any video, it will play.

  8. Vurt – The Rambler is $50, and yes you can watch YouTube videos on it.

    • how i can download with out load please send me a 1 games please

    • You can’t download without a load unfortunately. Free Basics blocks downloads.

  9. I have the samsung rant and it came with the boost gps app and its free to use and it has the voice guidance and everything

  10. http://twitter.com/BoostApps

  11. There are a few radio apps that work on the incognito but most of them are single-station apps from around the middle-east. I’ve come across a few multi-station apps that work but you have to pay for each individual station you want to listen to. I’ve found it works better to load up your memory card with music (incognito recognizes up to 1000 songs) and use an mp3 player on random-play. I use Tag Player (found it on getjar.com). Good program but the more music you have the longer it takes to load. I’ve got 996 songs on my card and Tag Player takes almost 2 minutes to load up.

  12. ok thanks dennis how about a radio application? Ive tried iradio but doestn work. Before i got the incognito i had the motorola i856 the iradio apps worked good on it. But it wont work on the incognito. I ve been looking for a apps to stream music on incognito. If u find one let me know. Thanks

  13. how much was the rambler? can you watch youtube on it?

  14. dennis can you get somekind of navigation application for my sanyo incognito. Thanks

    • I know more when I have a Boost CDMA phone to test on but I’ve heard that Boost locks the GPS down on these phones so that 3rd party apps can’t use it. if you want GPS driven voice navigation your only option is Boost Navigator which isn’t free. The best free navigation option is probably Google Maps. If you enter your start and end points it will calculate the route and display it on the map. Google Maps on these phones doesn’t use the GPS or have voice guidance, however.

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