Boost CDMA Games and Apps Coming to BoostApps

I’ve ordered a Boost Motorola Rambler CDMA phone. It should arrive next Wednesday.  I plan to use it to test the games and apps I post on BoostApps.  I will add a CDMA “Yes” or “No” label to all new app postings going forward and eventually to older postings as well.

BoostApps will continue support iDEN users.  I’m keeping my iDEN SIM active and will continue to post new iDEN compatible apps.

I don’t really know much about the Rambler.  I choose it over the Incognito or Seek mainly because it was cheap and I figured that apps that work on one of Boost’s most basic phones would be probably also work on the more advanced ones.

Incidently, if you’re thing of buying a Boost phone or accessory, is having a 20% off sale now though Feb 14th.  Just enter the coupon code VALENTINE20 at check-out to get the discount.

The Boost site says the coupon is valid for purchases of the Samsung Seek, BlackBerry Curve 8530, Motorola Bali, blue Sanyo Juno and Sanyo Mirro, but it worked on my Rambler purchase.  I’m not sure what else it works on, probably just phones but possibly also accessories, ringtones, games and maybe even Re-Boosts.

Boost’s site lets you try the code before you enter you credit card info. After you enter the code, press the “apply code” button to see if you got the discount. You can still cancel out of the purchase at that point if you want.