Opera Mini 3.1

Some users prefer this older version of Opera Mini on iDEN phones.  Compared with Opera Mini 4.2, it loads faster, the UI is a little snappier and it has an iDEN compatible photo upload feature that 4.2 lacks.  This is the “high memory” version with Speed Dial shortcuts and HTTPS support.

Type: Freeware
Vendor: Opera Software – Product Page, Online Help, Forum
Data Connection Required: Yes
Supported iDEN phones: All Falcon Series with Java (i776, i465, i290, etc). Not for the i9 and i856 (Zeus Series), use this version instead.

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for basic phones that support Java ME such as Nokia S40 phones. They do not work on Android, Apple, Firefox or Windows phones.

Download to your Phone

Go to http://boostapps.com with your phone's browser, click the "Enter jump code" link and enter this jump code: 126

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  1. I need a opera mini browser for samsung – s3600 . but can’t found a good version for my mobile.

  2. Thnku s0 much

  3. I luv this alot

  4. Successful already

  5. Very very Thank you.

  6. I have a non-java MAUI based generic phone,how can i install games on my mobile?

    • It the phone doesn’t support Java installing games probably isn’t possible.

  7. Opera is fast when browsing thax for the service but why doesnt it support photo uploads

    • Opera Mini 3.1 is really old. You might have better luck with a current version, 4.4 or 7.1.

      If the phone allows 3rd party apps to access the file system Opera Mini can definitely upload photos. Many basic phones, especially ones without a memory card, don’t allow file system access. In some cases using a signed version of Opera Mini from http://m.opera.com will allow uploads where the unsigned ones on this site won’t.

  8. Opera mini is better

  9. It browse very fast we thank you for your co=operation

  10. Now not open opera mini.
    I want opera mini.please help me…

  11. i am happy with my LAVA A9 phone.i am able to send,view,inbox MAIL.BUT HOW & WHICH BROWSER IS BEST FOR MY PHONE. AT PRESENT OPERA MINI 4.4 is working so so.pl.advice.

    • Please don’t comment in all caps, it looks like you are yelling.
      I’m not familiar with that phone. If Opera Mini 4.4 works try Opera Mini 7 and UC Browser 8.5 and use which ever one works best.

  12. Hy all,i use a maui based generic and i can’t download opera mini because is don’t suport java…someone can help me?

    • If the phone doesn’t support Java there’s no way it can run Java apps like Opera Mini.

  13. I’ve downloaded opera mini 4.4.But it can’t launch/load/installed instead it will show that network AP does not support.

  14. anytime I want to download application ,how & where can i find it?

    • Load this page in your phone’s browser and click the JAD link.


    • If you want help turn off CAPS LOCK and explain the problem.


    • Then stop YELLING and just download it.

  17. This kind of version is faster, efficient, effective & cheaper.

  18. “not enough memory to accept the appl.”(china mobile)

    • Try to free up some space by deleting some videos, music, images, apps or messages.

  19. I like it

  20. I us china iphone model A1221 and i cant load opera 3.1 or any other version on my phone

    • Does the phone support Java? Lots of Chinese fakes don’t.

  21. my phone has a download limit so i cnt down load any thing above 300Kb yet am using operamini 4.3

  22. I have an INCOGNITO. When I download stuff..mp3s, pics. It says download completed, but when I go look for it in the folder, nothing is there. Is anyone else having this problem? I even download to my phone so it would be easier to find, but that doesnt work either

  23. I need

  24. how do u go about settings on opera mini to save MBs on a limited web access? thanks!

    • Single Column View (aka Mobile View) on
      No Images
      Also, Opera Mini 3.2 uses less data than Opera Mini 4 and later

    • thanks! Dennis

  25. I use tecno phone, the opera mini 3.1 on it does not load & cant get d ones i download to install. what do i do

    • It sounds like packet data isn’t enabled on your mobile account. Contact your operator to get it turned on.

  26. i use a maui wap browser and when i downloaded opera it came in chinese instead of english.where did i go wrong

  27. nice program

  28. how do i get rid of this app? its annoying

    • If you’re using an iDEN phone, go into Java Apps, highlight Opera Mini 3.1, press the Menu key and choose “Un-install”. If your using some other type of phone poke around in the menus there’s always a way to un-install apps.

  29. My phone nokia 2626 supports operamini but sometimes it didnt what is the reason

  30. pls how can I download opera on nokia e series ?

  31. Thanks To Dennis

  32. If it had auto reload it would be super awesome! 🙂

  33. thanks a lot for your quick response man—yea, the error message appears in the 2nd step of the installation process (loading classes)—the opera mini 3 i have in the i415 is from this web site, so i have another question about them………………….

  34. hello people—i need some help installing opera mini “number 4” in a boost mobile i415—i am getting this message when installing it: “VM class loading error”, so i had to install opera mini “number 3”, which is perfect anyway, but i already installed opera mini 4 in the i776, i425, i290 and c290 with no problems, so i just want to know if the i415 is compatible with opera mini 4 and why i get that error message—please—i am gonna be paying you 1000 dollars for the help (whenever i win the lottery, of course)—anyway, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS WEB SITE……………………………………………

    • It sounds like Opera Mini 4.2 is incompatible with you phone. Here’s hoew to be sure”

      Find the app in the Java Apps menu. It will have a generic looking icon with an X or downward pointing arrow on it. Select the app and press “OK”. It will start installing again only this time it will list the steps of the install on the screen. Wait for it to fail and then take note of which which step it failed on:

      If the error occurs during the “Loading Classes” or “Validating classes” part of the install it means that the app is not compatible with your phone and will never work.

      If the error occurs during the “Allocating Flash” or “Writing Flash” install phase, it means you don’t have enough free space on the phone. Delete one or more other apps or games and restart the install on the phone. To delete an app, select it, press the “Menu” key and choose “Deinstall”.

  35. Which one works best on i856

  36. I have an i856 which opera mini should will work best

    • I think say 4.2 is the best for any Boost IDEN phone. 5.0 has some nice features but lots of issues on the i856.

  37. does this work for i570? Keep getting error on flash download

    • Yes Opera 3.1 (and 4.2) should work on an i570. If you get an error during the install while it’s “allocating flash” or “writing flash” it means that you don’t have enough space on the phone to install. Uninstall one or more other apps and it should work.

  38. Forgot that I set up opera as a permanet app using *159# when I was trying to uninstall. Removed that option from that java menu and tried again before uninstalling and it worked. Thanks for all your help, sir.

  39. When I click on “change skin” under settings, I get the error. Im on a i335.

    • Try powering off your phone and removing the battery for 30 seconds.
      Also check your free data space under Java Apps > Java System. If its under 500k that could be the problem, delete another app to free up space.

      If neither of those helps, uninstalling and reinstalling might fix it but you would loose your bookmarks which might not be worth it just for those rather pointless skins.

  40. Just tried again to change my skin to no avail. You think it might be because I upgraded from 3.0 to keep my bookmarks?

    • When you go to Menu > Settings >Change Skin: Do you see four skins; Classic, Snow, Dark and Pink?
      If you do what happens when you choose a different different skin and press the left soft key labeled “Save”. Do you get an error or no error but the skin doesn’t change?
      Which phone are you using?

  41. Great app. Better than da ol generic one offered on operas site. One thing though. Is there a way to download new skins for this? Tried goin to change skin from da settings but keep gettin a server error with a red “splat” image dats reads “oops”

    • Hadashi, The only skins are the the ones from Opera. The splat is a timeout error. It may have been a temporary problem as I was able to change skins just now.

  42. send to phone does not work. it did at first use

    • It still works for me. What happens when you try?

  43. Danell, When you enter your phone number on BoostApps download page just enter the 10 numbers. No leading “1” and no dashes, dots or spaces.

    Also go to “My Info” from your phone’s main menu and make sure your Boost telephone number is listed under line 1. If not, enter your Boost Mobile® number and try to re-download the game or application.

  44. I have tried several times to download this to my i465. I keep going to the download apps/new purchases and it just keep telling me that there are no new purchases to download. Any suggestions?

  45. Found a glitch with this, it loads your flash memory full, and have to reinstall to free it.

  46. I just put opera mini 3 on my I415 that I am trying to sell. Mini 3 works fine, it’ s fast. The I415 does not have a camera, so for some reason I thought you could not see pictures. Wrong. The phone is in mint condtion. I only use it for a few months when I first started using Boost.

    Did anybody see the new touchscreen that might be coming to Boost. The Motorola Opus One. It looks like Boost is making the Opera Browser it’s default browser. There are videos all over the internet.

  47. 5 star mobile browser. Excellent program. @boostapps.comTL Communications: I have i290 running 4.2 with minimal problems on all low-med settings(occasional freezing, thats all my apps) For your customers who are technically comforatable, Opera 4.2 would be great.

  48. I prefer 4.2. You can have them both loaded at once on your phone if you want.

  49. what is the better one for i465 3.1 or4.2

  50. I recommend and install this browser on ALL phones that customers purchase from my store. I use it myself on my i465 and it works great.

    TL Communications is an AUTHORIZED Boost Mobile Dealer.

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